William J. Hall - 10 - 41 Live & Unplugged

  - - Intro Birthday
  Brooklyn Bridge
  Wings of Money
  - - Intro Scott
  West Side
  - - Servo Motor Tuning Pegs
  Don't Cry Maryanne
  Haul Away
  - - Private Joke
  Play it Over
  Rumbe of the Grey Pavement
  Going Out
  Walk Away
  - - Birthday Song
  - - Candles


It is possible to assemble these tracks into an album by putting them together with audio editing software such that there is no time (no space at all) between tracks 01 through 11, two seconds between tracks 11 through 15, and no time between tracks 15 through 17.

Track 16's copyright has been controversial and, the courts having come to their senses at long last, is at last available for download via hyperlink.

All songs &(p) William J. Hall, all rights reserved - ASCAP
except Birthday Song which is in the Public Domain

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